What makes a 5 star hotel standout among the other hotels in your town?

Do you have a plan that ensures that your office operates like a 5 star hotel each and every day?

So often I go into offices that have been in business for some time and they have stopped paying attention to the details that can make or break a practice.  Once they implement the systems that they stopped using, they find that they have new energy and the practice begins to grow again.

For the next several weeks, I will posting links to articles that I have written for Dynamic Chiropractic  that will  help you jump-start your practice or in some cases get you back on track.

In this first article, “Creating a Plan for a Winning Day”, we will focus on daily check lists that will help keep both you and your team focused.

As I always say, “You would never get on a plane to take you on dream vacation without knowing that everyone from the security people, flight attendants, pilots, co-pilots, maintenance people, food people, etc had completed their check lists.” Why would you not want to ensure that your patients and community get the very best that they can from you and your team.

The Systems for Building a Successful Practice webinar series begins on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from noon- 1:45 pm (PST).  It consists of four modules and is designed to take your practice up to the next level or get you back on track.  Please join us for the entire series or take just the modules you need today.

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