Communication is important in all aspects of our life whether it is with our children, partners, parents or patients.

In an article that appeared in the August 13, 2017, issue of Dynamic Chiropractic titled Improve Communication, Patient Retention and Cash Flow I address the importance of communication between the doctor, the patient and the team in the office.  Without it, many practices struggle to flourish.

In offices that don’t yet have computers in the adjustment rooms that the doctor can document treatments, charges and scheduling, the use of a “routing slip” is imperative.  The routing slip is a tool that the Chiropractic Assistant (CA) prepares and is used to communicate the following; when the doctor wants to see the patient again, what services were provide, current diagnoses and contains financial checks and balances for accounting purposes and accurate stats and much more.

I am preparing to teach the final 2018 “Systems for Building a Successful Practice” webinar series.  This series consists of four modules that are designed to grow your practice from the inside out and the successful use of the routing slip is just on of the tools that we will cover.

I hope that you and your team will join us and see what a difference you can make in your practice starting right away.

There is a discounted fee when you take all four modules and attendance is for an unlimited number of attendees.

If you prefer to take one, two or three of the modules you can receive a 10% discount for each module by entering “fall2018” upon checkout.

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