Basic Office Forms and Letters



Written and prepared by Lisa Bilodeau in Microsoft Word 97 & 2010 and compiled on a CD.

You can easily customize these forms to meet your needs, such as adding your office name, address, phone number, and print.

Use them as foundations to build or create your own forms.

It is as simple as:
1. Buy
2. Transfer to your computer
3. Customize
4. Print


  • Opening and Closing Check List
  • First Adjustment Doctor’s Call Slip
  • Care Call Slip
  • New Patient Check Lists
  • Routing Slips
  • Promissory Note/Installment Agreement
  • Patient Up-Date Form
  • Insurance Verification Forms
  • Workers’ Compensation Lien Log
  • PI Financial Policy for the State of California
  • Basic Financial Policy for Cash, Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and Medicare
  • Medicare Explanation of Non-Covered Services
  • Contact Log
  • Audit Form
  • Insurance Verification Forms for Med-Pay, PI Liability, Medicare, and Health Insurance
  • Personal Injury
  • Lien Log
  • Workers’ Compensation Pre-Authorization Log
  • Workers’ Compensation Lien Log
  • Plus More


  • Letters of Intentions
  • Amnesty Letter
  • 10 Day Notice
  • Letter of Forgiveness
  • Request for Additional Information
  • 97140 Denial Letter
  • 97140 Statement
  • 97140 CCI Edit Letter
  • EM Plus CMT Letter
  • Pro-cert Fee Letter
  • PI Med-Pay Reduction Letter
  • Lien Cover Letter
  • Proof of Service
  • Communication Log
  • Attorney Reduction Letter
  • PR-2 Not Allowed Letter
  • Denial of EM and CMT on Same Day Letter
  • Down Coding CMT Letter
  • Denied PR-2 Letter
  • Incorrect PT Reduction Letter
  • Plus More