X-ray code “71010, Chest, single view, frontal” and has been deleted and replaced with the following codes:
71045 Chest; single view
71046            2 views
71047            3 views
71048            4 or more views

There have also been changes made to the “Orthotic Management and Training and Prosthetic Training” codes.
Note that the title of this section has been revised.

97760 (Revised)   Orthotic(s) management and training (including assessment and fitting when not otherwise reported),
upper extremity(s), lower extremity(ies), and/or trunk, initial orthotic(s) encounter, each 15 minutes

97763 (New)   Orthotic(s)/prosthetic(s) management and/or training, upper extremity(ies), lower extremity(ies) and/or
trunk, subsequent orthotic(s)/prosthetic(s) encounter, each 15 minutes.

  • Do not report 97763 in conjunction with 97760, 97761.

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