Have you ever woken-up in the middle of the night asking, what happened to a patient you should have seen six weeks ago but haven’t?

Quite often I am asked by doctors to work with their team on re-activating patients that they haven’t seen in awhile and my response is what can you do to prevent this from happening in the first place?

In my article “An Ounce of Prevention” which was published in the July 29, 2018 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic I addressed this very issue.  The key points are:

  • Educate your patients when they are new the reasons for your recommended treatment plan. And if they don’t get it the first time trying again when they reactivate
  • Use of proper scripts and proper procedures when they walk-out the door without scheduling their next appointment (hopefully it is a rare occurrence)
  • Improved communications between the doctor and the chiropractic assistant
  • And, timely follow-up to missed appointments

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