“Lisa has an excellent knowledge base of information for the chiropractic profession for insurance/patient billing and office systems/procedures. I have attended her seminars and webinars over the past 25+ years and always come away with more knowledge that assists me in the chiropractic profession to better the practice. Her procedures have streamlined my position as Office Manager.” — Robin Gallagher, C.A.

“Lisa is amazing and can help regardless of the topic, issue , or problem. She will get your office on the correct path to success. You will be a better Doctor and employer after working with Lisa.” — Vicki Brown, D.C.

“Thanks to CSS, we had a complete turnaround in our very next Medicare billing cycle. We were receiving payments for everything billed!” — Judy Freir, C.A.

“Lisa’s positive attitude and dedication to the profession inspired me to learn more about my position.” — Margaret Hudson, C.A.

“I highly recommend CSS. They’ve not only made my work easier and given me more confidence on the job, but have also greatly increased the flow of insurance payments coming into the office.” — Kathy Miana, C.A.

“I was intimidated by billing procedures as well as front desk management. Today I have a good understanding of how to run my front office and collections department.” — Jeffrey Lease, Chiropractor

“The first thing I do when I hire new employees is send them to Lisa’s training series to learn how to become super C.A.s!” — Travis Sanchez, Chiropractor

“The billing workshop was the best seminar I’ve ever taken for billing. Now I know exactly what’s going on in my office, financially.” — K.C., Chiropractor

“When I first walked into Lisa’s workshops, I had no experience whatsoever with insurance billing. Now after taking her series, I have a much better understanding and am a more confident advocate for the doctor and patients we serve. Lisa took the fear out of insurance billing!” — Barbara H., C.A

“For clarity on billing codes and modifiers, ‘Codes, Fees & EOBs is an excellent course for immediate answers to billing issues.” — Sheila Wells, Chiropractor

“I have been to several HJ Ross seminars and I have learned more in one seminar by Lisa than all others. The information is very useful and the handouts are very user friendly.” Jenn Omura, C.A.

“Lisa’s seminars will teach you what you need to know to immediately increase your receivables by billing out correctly the first time, as well as teach you what tools you need to seek reconsideration if a second billing is necessary.” Angela Hickey, C.A.

“Chiropractic Success System seminars are very user friendly. The information is presented well and made understandable! Lisa came to our office and helped organize and streamlined. She is so easy to work with, has so much knowledge and is so helpful.” Lisa Kirk, D.C.

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