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CSS Strategies is a free email publication that CSS publishes containing information regarding changes in the insurance industry as well as practice management tips.

Previous Newsletters:

• General Announcements
– Classes at Life Chiropractic College West
• National News
– Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Inaugural Report: Americans’ Perceptions of Chiropractic

• National Medicare
– 2016 Deductible
– EHR Incentive Program: 2016 Payment Adjustments and Reconsiderations
– “Medicare Enrollment for Physicians and Other Part B Suppliers” Fact Sheet
– 2016 PQRS Payment Adjustment and Informal Review Process
– The “Medicare Appeals Process” Fact Sheet
– 2016 Federal Court Review Amount in Controversy
– CCI Edits, Version 22.1, Effective April 1, 2016 – Quarterly Update

• California Medicare
– Chiropractic Service 98942 – Widespread Service Specific Probe Review Notification
– Windows 10 Upgrade and PC-ACE Pro32 For All PC-ACE Pro32 Users
– PC-ACE Pro32 Quarterly Update

• California Worker’s Compensation
– DWC Enacting New Online QME Form 106 Panel Process, Posts Training Video and FAQs on Website
– OAL Approves DWC Final Qualified Medical Evaluator Regulations
– OAL Approves DWC Revised Benefit Notice Regulations
– DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule for Physician Services/Non-Physician Practitioner Services
– DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Physician Services / Non-Physician Practitioner Services)
– DIR, DWC Post Final, Approved Regulations Regarding Transition of Regulations and Forms to ICD-10
– DWC Launches New Online QME Form 106 Panel Process October 1
– DWC Posts Revised Benefit Notice Manual on Website
– DWC Reinstating Lien Activation Fees on November 9
– DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Physician Services / Non-Physician Practitioner Services)
– DWC Updates Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher Form With Notice of the Return-to-Work Supplement Program
– DWC Posts Spanish Version of Revised Benefit Notices on Website
– DWC Posts Updated Spanish Version of Revised Benefit Notices on Website
– Mileage Rate for Medical and Medical-legal Travel Expenses Decreases Effective January 1, 2016

• General Announcements
– Lisa Bilodeau teaches “Billing, Coding and Documentation” at Life Chiropractic College-West. You can receive Continuing Education Units for these classes.

• National News
– Coding for ICD-10-CM: More of the Basics- Learn the basics about ICD-10 for FREE.
– ACA toolkit
– The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released two animated shorts that explain key ICD-10 concepts.
– Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
– CCI Edits, January 1, 2015 and Effective April 1, 2015

• National Medicare
– New subset of Modifiers
– EHR: links to the CMS website Educational Resource section
– Sequestration 2% Payment Adjustment Extended for Medicare Fee-For-Service Claims

• California Medicare
– New Medicare Fee Schedule
– IVR Tools for Noridian Providers in Medicare Jurisdiction E (JE) Part A and B

• California Worker’s Compensation
– DIR Reduces Fees for Independent Medical Review, Independent Bill Review
– Contact Information for Status of IMR Requests
– DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule
– DWC Enacting New Online QME Form 106 Panel Process, Posts Training Video and FAQs on Website

• General Announcements
– Lisa Bilodeau teaches “Billing, Coding and Documentation” at Life Chiropractic College-West. You can receive Continuing Education Units for these classes.

• National News
– Coding for ICD-10-CM: More of the Basics- Learn the basics about ICD-10 for FREE.
– Have You Been Negatively Affected by United Healthcare/Optum Practices?
– Court Grants Class Standing to Out-of-Network Providers in UHC/Optum Lawsuit
– HIPAA Updated Business Associate Agreements
– ICD-10 Resources for Small Physician Practices on Medscape –
– Optum Changes Policy on Using Modifier with 98943-
– Quarterly Update to CCI Edits, January 1, 2015 and Effective April 1, 2015

• National Medicare
– 2015 Deductible- has not changed. The deductible is $147.00 for Part B Medicare.
– Holding of 2015 Date-of-Service Claims for Services Paid Under the 2015 Medicare
– Physician Fee Schedule
– Reading the 2015 the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)
– Modifier -59
– HHS OIG Audits for 2013 Services
– Fact Sheet for Patients Who Have Both Medicare and Medicaid Benefits

• California Medicare
– PC-ACE Pro32 Quarterly Update

• California Worker’s Compensation
– Division of Workers’ Compensation Posts Corrected Spanish Language Time of Hire Pamphlet
– Mileage Rate for Medical and Medical-legal Travel Expenses Increases Effective January 1, 2015
– CCA Takes On Definiti Healthcare Management and Wins
– DWC Posts the Assignment of Medical Provider Network Identification (MPN ID) Numbers and Updated Forms Online –
– DWC Posts Draft Qualified Medical Evaluator Regulations for Online QME Panel Process


• General Announcements
– What Are Aetna’s Policy Regarding Physical Therapy Services and Complementary and Alternative Medicine

• National News
– ICD-10 Delayed Again.
– Use of the New 1500 Claim Form Version (02/12) Maybe Required by Non-Medicare Contractors
– Modifier – 59
– Herb Supplements Are the Most Common Complementary Medicine in US

• National Medicare
– NEW 2014 Fee Schedule Effective For Services on or After July 1, 2014
– New PQRS Remittance Advice Remark
– EHR Incentive Programs: Changes in Stage 1 Meaningful Use
– CMS Proposed Rule: Potential EHR Meaningful Use Timeline Modifications

• California Medicare
– Check Your Medicare Application Status On-Line
– July 1, 2014 Up-Dated Fee

• California Worker’s Compensation
– WCAB, DWC Issue New Forms, Document Types and Titles for E-form and OCR Filers
– DIR Reduces Fees for Independent Medical Review, Independent Bill Review by 25 Percent
– Temporary total disability rates for 2015 announced
– Division of Workers’ Compensation Posts Updated Time of Hire Pamphlet



• General Announcements
If you need Continuing Education Units I will be teaching “Billing, Coding and Documentation” at Life Chiropractic College-West.

• General Announcements
– “Doc Fix,” ICD-10 Delay Signed Into Law – ICD-10 has been delayed AGAIN!
– ACA Needs Your Assistance Regarding Humana & the chiropractic Network Healthways

• National News
– New Feature: Simple Online Reset of User IDs and Passwords for PECOS, NPPES, and EHR
– ACA Insurance Relations Looks Into FEP Denial of G0283
– Windows XP Users: HIPAA & Meaningful Use Compliance at Risk
– CCI Edits – Quarterly Update July 1, 2014
– ACA to Appeal Following Setback in Class Action Lawsuit Against ASHN, CIGNA

• National Medicare
– The New 1500 Claim Form Version (02/12) – Required for PAPER Medicare claims effective for claims received on or after April 1, 2014
– 2014 Fee Schedule
– Important PQRS Updates Made for 2014
– Claim Status Category and Claim Status Codes Updates

• California Medicare
– Noridian’s EDISS Connect’ is Coming For All Submitters and Vendors.

• California Worker’s Compensation
– Official Medical Fee Schedule
– Mileage rate for medical and medical-legal travel expenses decreased effective January 1, 2014
– The Office of Administrative Law Has Approved DWC’s Final Versions of the Independent Medical Review and Independent Bill Review Regulations
– DWC Posts Non-substantive Changes to the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher Forms
– DWC Reminds Parties to Include Required Documents when Filing IMR and IBR Applications, Will Cease to Issue Reminder Letters
– Office of Administrative Law has Approved DWC’s Final Version of the Predesignation of Personal Physicians and Reporting Duties of the Primary Treating Physician Rulemaking
– DWC Announces Changes to Panel QME Request Process to Comply with Navarro v. City of Montebello

• WINTER WEBINAR SCHEDULE: Coding & Collections Webinars

• General Announcements
– ICD-10
– 2014 CPT, HCPCS Changes, Additions and Revisions.
– Aetna Clarifies 97140 Policy Language
– CCI Edits – Quarterly Update April 1, Meaningful Use Deadline Pushed Back One Year

• National News
– ACA Advocacy Results in Substantial Increase for 2014 Chiropractic CPT Code

• National Medicare
– 2014 Medicare Premium & Deductible Rates
– 2014 Medicare Fees
– ACA Legislative Action Results in Expansion of Coverage Under the Blue Cross Blue
– Shield Federal Employees Plan
– CMS Extends 2014 Annual Participation Enrollment Period

• California Medicare
– 2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Now Available

• California Worker’s Compensation
– DWC Plans to Open Santa Barbara Satellite Office in December, 2013
– DWC Final Qualified Medical Evaluator Regulations Now in Effect
– The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) Has Approved DWC’s Final Version of Electronic Document Filing and Lien Filing Fee Rules
– DWC Final Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Regulations Approved
– DWC Will No Longer Collect Lien Activation Fees
– NEW FEE SCHEDULE RBRVS Regulations Filed with Secretary of State, Become Effective January 1, 2014


Systems for Building a Successful Practice
California Part B Medicare – Good-bye Palmetto and Hello Noridian

• National News
– ICD-10 Are You Ready October 14, 2014
– New 1500 Claim Form
– Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits Effective 10/1/2013
– HIPAA Up-Dates
– Anthem Blue Cross/ ASH New Relationship
– ACA Clarifies Aetna Policy on Manual Therapy (97140)
– Understandable Health Care Reform Video
– Why Parents Choose Chiropractic For Their Children
– The Marketplace Countdown

• National Medicare
– Medicare Advantage Organizations

• California Medicare
– Noridian Effective September 16, 2013

• California Worker’s Compensation
– Temporary Total Disability Rates for 2014 Announced
– DWC to Require Lien Claimants to use Uniform Assigned Name
– CCA Announces and Important Win for Chiropractors

• General Announcements
– ACA Files Class Action Lawsuit Challenging ASHN’s, CIGNA’s Improper Practices
• National News
– Recent survey ranked DC 45th out of 300 careers as having the highest job satisfaction among working professionals.
• National Medicare
Correction GP Modifier may no longer be required as of 10/2012
– Importance of Preparing/Maintaining Legible Medical Records
– Mandatory Payment Reductions in the Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) Program
– “Sequestration”

• California Medicare
– Instead of a Written Redetermination: Consider Having Your Claim Reopened
– Redetermination Status Tool Now Available Online
– Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN): Requirements for Proper Completion and Delivery Webinar: April 25, 2013

• California Providers
– News from the California Chiropractic Association (CCA)
– SB 381 (Yee) – Manipulation Protection Bill SB 381
– SB 626 (Beall) – Workers’ Compensation

• California Worker’s Compensation
– 2013 Temporary total disability rates
– Payors must negotiate in good faith with potential lien claimants – filing a lien is not a prerequisite
– Division of Workers’ Compensation posts updated time of hire pamphlet
.DWC, WCAB revise Policy and Procedural Manual Newsline No. 15-13 March 20, 2013

• General Announcements
– ICD-9 Up-Dates
– 2013 CPT, HCPCS Changes, Additions and Revisions

• National News
– ICD-10 Up-date
– Proposed Health Reform Regulations Released

• National Medicare
– 2013 Medicare Part B Deductible
– 2013 Medicare Fees
– GP Modifier No Longer Required as of 10/2012
– Signature Requirements
– Medicare Summary Notice (MSN)

• California Worker’s Compensation
– FAQs regarding SB 863
– Division of Workers’ Compensation Preparing Balanced Approach to SB 863 Implementation


• General Announcements
ICD-9 Up-Date, 2013 Medicare Fees, HIPAA OCR Releases Audit Protocol

• National News
ACA’s Investigation of ASHN Heats Up, Anthem BCBS of California Reverses Policy, 2013 ICD-10 CM Codes & Mapping Files are Available, ICD-10 Will become mandatory on October 1, 2014, New Electronic Payment Rules May Save Billions

• National Medicare
Medicare Secondary Payer Laws Reminder, PECOS-Digital Document Repository (DDR)

• California Medicare

Your Online Provider Services (OPS) Access Can Expire, Jurisdiction 1 Part B PC-ACE Pro32 Training Modules, The Online Provider Services (OPS) URL Has Changed

• California Worker’s Compensation

Reform Strikes Again


• General Announcements

“Are Your Financial Policies and Practices Bulletproof? Integrity Is the Name of the Game”, The West Hartford Group out of New York endorses chiropractic, ACA’s 2012 Coding Manual
• National News

ACA, COCSA, Other Plaintiffs Defeat UnitedHealthcare’s Motion to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit, Proposed ICD-10 Implementation Deadline is now October 1; 2014 Patient Choice Essential to Real Health Care Reform, What does the Supreme Court’s health-care ruling mean for me?

• National Medicare
Incentives for Electronic Health Records (EHR), PC-ACE Pro32 software has been updated, Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage (ABN) Form (CMS-R_131 (03/11) Up-Date

• California Medicare
New Web Form Application is available through Palmetto, Jurisdiction 1 Part B – Can my Online Provider Services (OPS) Access Expire?

Board of Chiropractic Examiners Adopts New Regulations for the Use of Laser in Chiropractic

• California Worker’s Compensation
Division of Workers’ Compensation posts updated fact sheet explaining the use of qualified medical evaluators and agreed medical evaluators 30-day grace period given for use of new fact sheet

Spring Webinar “Systems for Building a Successful Practice” Schedule

• General Announcements
Parker University President Dr. Mancini, D.C. Appears on The Doctor Phil Show, Former Navy Seal Turned DC Shares Stories at the NCLC;

• California Medicare
Additional Way to Submit Medical Record Documentation;

• National News
HSS Announces Delay of ICD-10 Implementation, Extension of Enforcement Discretion Period for Updated HIPAA Transaction Standards Next Stage for Providers Adopting Electronic Health Records,Timeline to Help Learn the About Affordable Care Act;

• California Workers’ Compensation
E-filing Rules Allow More Flexibility, Standardized Medical Billing For Regulations Not Applicable to Medical-Legal Bills; California Chiropractors- State Boards Proposal Regarding Use or Laser;

• National Medicare
2012 Fee Schedule, Video Show Presentation, Physician Quality Reporting System & Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program, Medicare Participating Physicians Directory, List of Providers Sent a Revalidation Request; Practice Management Tip: Why Would A Chiropractor Risk Their Practice?

Winter Webinar Schedules and Registration

• General Announcements
“Chiropractic Assistant – Partners in Healing” Article in Dynamic Chiropractic and “Benefitting From Chiropractic Care” video from Blue Shield of California

• National News
ACA pursues concerns with ASHN, AEtna and Cigna, 2012 CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 code up-dates, Approved 5010 Errate Vendors, ICD-10 Implementation Handbooks, 5010 and ICD-10 Resources

• National Medicare
2012 Part B Deductible and Fees Schedules, New ABN, Extenstion of 2012 Participation Enrollment Program, New Provider and Supplier Applications, Revalidation, Free Medicare billing software

• California Workers’ Compensation
2012 Mileage rate

Practice Management Tip: The importance of calling after the first treatment

JULY ’11
Summer Webinar Schedule

• National News
HHS Reduces Premiums, ACA Challenges UCH’s Unfair Practices, Compliance Deadline for new version of HIPAA Administrative Transactions, 10 Least Stressful Jobs, Crosswalk between ICD-9 and ICD-10
• National Medicare
Chiropractors Exempt from G8644, Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team, Palmetto GBA: Conversion Tool for IVR

• California Personal Injury

CSSA and State Farm Challenges

• California Workers’ Compensation
JET File, TTD Rates for 2012

Practice Management Tip: Keeping Track of Your Patients, Insurance Carriers and Attorneys.

April ’11
National Information: HCPCS Up-Dates, ERISA Class Action Against UnitedHealth Group, Multi-plan National Medicare: ABN, GZ Modifier
California Workers’ Comp: New Facts Sheets

January ’11

National Information: Red Flag Rules, 2011 CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-9 Up-dates;
National Medicare: 2011 Deductible and Fees, Timely Filing Reminder and Online; Enrollment California Medicare: Part B Redeterminations by Fax and Online Status Tool; California Worker’s Compensation: 2011 Mileage Rate, 12 Point Plan to Control Medical Costs, New Poster, and New DWC-1 Form; Personal Injury: Allstate Caught Cheating on Colossus


National Information: New, Revised, Discontinued ICD-9 codes, Phone calls from UHC for provider information, 97112 with or without modifier -59
National Medicare: PECOS Dark Days, Fee Cuts Delayed until December, S-Codes
California Workers’ Compensation: MPNs, EAMS forms, and more
Personal Injury: CSAA Up to Its Old Tricks?

July ’10

National Information: Red Flag Updates and $350 Million UnitedHealth Group Settlement; National Medicare: New Timely Filing Requirements, 2.2% Fee Increase Effective 6/1/2010, New Website Address, New EFT Authorization Agreement, Reportable Physician Changes;
California Medicare: Online Provider Services; California Workers’ Compensation: E-Forms Trials Result in Dramatically Improved Response Times;
Practice Management Tip: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too; In-Network or Out?

April ’10
National News: Three new HIPAA requirements
National Medicare:21% fee reduction April 1, 2010??? New modifiers as of April 1, 2010. California Medicare: Chiropractic Billing Guide is now available. Audits continue. California Workers’ Compensation: Electronic Medical Billing. Possible new fee schedule.

January ’10
National News: National News: Red Flag Rules Implementation Delayed, DC Designated as “Physicians”, 2010 CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS Changes
National Medicare: 2010 Part B Deductible, 2010 Fee Schedules, Annual Participation Enrollment, On-line Enrollment, New ABN Modifiers, Medicare Advantage Providers Required Fraud and abuse (FWA Training).
California Medicare: Online Provider Services
California Workers’ Compensation: 2010 Mileage Rate.

October ’09
National News:
New implementation date for Red Flags Rule;
10 Worst Insurance Companies in America;
Cigna-Modifiers 25 and 59; National Medicare: New 855 Enrollment Forms;
California Providers: Blue Shield of California- CCI edits and 97140 and more;
Anthem Blue Cross-Good-bye paper RAs;
California Workers’ Compensation: New Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule;
New Zip Code Locator Tool

July ’09
National Medicare: Inappropriate Medicare Payment for Chiropractic Services;
Red Flag Rule-effective on August 1, 2009;
California Workers’ Compensation: New fact sheets and guides;
Personal Injury: Farmers Insurance hit with a series of bad faith suits nationwide.

Spring ’09
National Medicare: Implementation of new provider authentication requirements for Medicare contractor provider telephone and written inquires. American Chiropractic Association Documentation Webinars
General Insurance: ICD-10 compliance date October 1, 2013
California Medicare and Palmetto Jurisdiction 1 Part B: Revised LCD and Redetermination/Reopening Request form. California Workers’ Compensation:
New QME forms and regulations. Federal Workers’ Compensation: Claims filing information. General Announcements: “Take Time to Make Time” appears in Dynamic Chiropractic, “Systems For Building A Successful Practice” training package on sale.

Winter ’09
National Medicare: 2009 Part B Deductible, 2009 Fees, Internet Based Enrollment; General Insurance: 2009 ICD-9, 2009 CPT Changes; California Medicare: Paper Remitance Advices (EOBs); California Workers’ Compenstaion: New Mileage Rate, Sunset on Vocational Rehabilitation

Fall ’08
National Medicare: New ABN, July Fee Schedules, Interactive Voice Reponse Systems; General Insurance: ICD-10, Up-Dated ICD-9 Codes, ACN Group Name Change, UnitedHealth Care Fined;
California Medicare: Palmetto Up-Dates;
California Workers’ Compensation: Electronic Adjudication Management System, New Milage Rates;
October is National Chiropractic Month

Summer ’08
Summer Webinar Schedule; Late Summer and Early Fall Seminar Schedule; National Medicare: ABN Correction, Misinformation Regarding the New ABN, New Medicare Administrative Contractors, Medicare Fees; California Medicare: New Chiropractic Service Billing Guide available and New Administrative Contractor Effective September 2, 2008; Pracitce Tips: Medical Necessity

Spring ’08
Modifier 51 issues; Medicare NPI numbers and legacy numbers; Must read article, “Addressing Misinformation Regarding Chiropractic Services and Medicare”;
New ABN is now available; “Auto Club sued for cheating on med-pay and loses!”;
Correct Coding and Billing for Supports and Supplies.

Winter ’08
2008 CPT Changes: CPT Modifiers, Case Management, Medical Team Conferences and Telephone Calls. 2008 ICD-9 on line. 2008 HCPCS Changes. 2008 Medicare Changes: Deductible, Modifier GY, 9-Digit Zip-Codes and Fees

“Special Notice”
Important reminders regarding Medicare in your state; Medicare and NPI related issues; Medicare 2008 fee reductions; Medicare NPI Box #32 for California Chiropractors; Medicare and the use of eight diagnosis on paper claims; Blue Cross of California policy changes related to assignement of benefits; Blue Shield of California extends the two year research study with ACN; 2007 CSS Survey

Fall ’07
Medicare: 8 Diagnosis, CMS-1500 (08/05) box 24I, PTAN;
General Insurance: CMT & 97140 on the same day, Orthotic Modifiers, Blue Shield of CA 7/1/07 changes; Practice Tip: Super Bills Revisited.

Summer ’07
New CMS-1500 form up-date, Unattended electrical stimulation and UnitedHealth Care, New Physcial Medicine & Rehabiliation guidelines for UnitedHealth Care and ACN, Low Level Laser Therapy-I need FDA approval for pain management documentation, PPO providers may not collect more than the allowed amounts for maxed out benefits, New address for CA Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Unit, CNN investigation into minor impact injuries and insurance carriers tactics, Narrative reports for personal injury cases, New Medicare guide available for Chiropractic Services, Secondary Payer and Claim Form Instruction.

Spring ’07
Implementation Date of New CMS-1500 Delayed, UHC/ACN and Unattended Electrical Stimulation, Multi-Plan, Registering NPI Numbers, Free ICD-9 Website, Low Level Laser Therapy, New California Workers’ Compensation E/M Fees, Medicare: Electronic Claims Submission, 9 Digit Zip-Codes, 8 Diagnosis Codes,
Practice Building Tip: New Patient Checklists.

Winter ’07
Medicare 2007 deductible and fees, United Healthcare – hot/cold packs 97010, and unattended electrical stim (G0281), National Provider ID Number reminder, New CMS (08/05) reminder, 97110, 97124, 97112 issues, California Workers’ Compensation – Mileage rate increase, new Utilization Review Complaint form and Practice Tips “Four Simple and Inexpensive Practice-Building Tips.”

Fall ’06
CMS 1500 (08/05) Up-date;
CA Workers’s Compensation Lien Filing Fees, Medical Legal Fees, and Free, Educational Seminars; CA Medicare Remittance Advices and Up-dated Publications;
Practice Tip-Getting Patients and Team to Read Brochures

Summer ’06
New CMS-1500 forms,
CA new Workers’ Compensation Notice of Personal Chiropractor form’
2006 New CPT codes for Orthodics Fitting and Training;
Blue Card Eligibility Transfer Center information.

Spring ’06
Revised 2006 Medicare Fee Schedule;
UnitedHealth Care and ACN;
PI Narrative Reports

Winter ’05
Medicare 2006 Deductible and Fee Schedule, Medicare Recovery Audit Contract Initative. CPT changes: Modifiier -51, and 2006 changes. Blue Shield-ACN and Practice Tip-Up-Dates.

Fall ’05
Medicare, National Provider Identifier, 2006 Fees, Blue Shield-ACN, Facts for California PPO providers, Workers’ Compensation, New headquarters address, Practice Tip, Word Power

Summer ’05

Medicare – Myth vs. Fact, Fee Schedules, Box #31 Signature on File, Local Coverage Determination, Phone numbers, Documentation, Workers’ Compensation
Up-dates by Email, Federal Workers’ Compensation Claims

Spring ’05
Medicare, Advanced Beneficiary Notices, CERT, Workers’ Compensation, New PR-2, PR-3 and PR-4, Coding, Temporary K Codes for lumbar and sacroiliac supports, ICD-9 E code changes, Practice Tip, Good-bye

Winter ’05
Medicare, 2005 Deductibles, 2005 Fees, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Provider, Networks, QMEs, Fee Schedule Changes, Health Insurance, United Health Care, CPT code 97112, Diagnosis Codes, Practice Tip, Patient records

Fall ’04
Workers’ Compensation, Pre-designated Physicians, Fee Schedule Changes, DWC-1 Workers’ Compensation Claim Form & Notice of Potential Eligability, Medicare, Chiropractic Service Billing Guide-August 2004, Modifier -AT, 2005 Fees, Personal Injury, Attorney Liens, Practice Tip, How long to keep patient records

Summer ’04
Medicare Box #32 requirements, Claim Form CMS-1500 Instructions, Modifiers -GP, -GY and -AT, Workers’ Compensation
SB899, Incomplete Diagnosis, Personal Injuries, Dealing with requests from attorneys to take a reduction, Rescission of Attorney Assignment of Benefits, Practice Tip, Receive faster payments from patients

Spring ’04
Medicare, Revised Fee Schedules, Workers’ Compensation, CMS-1500 Form, ACOEM , CPT 97026, HCPCS, E0190 Replaces E0943 Cervical Pillow, ICD-9, 4th or 5th digit requirements, Practice Tip, Keeping your patients scheduled per your recommendations.

Winter ’04

Medicare: Fee Schedules for 2004, New “Chiropractic Service Billing Guide”, Electronic Claims Submission, Electrical Stimulation, Workers’ Compensation 2004

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